DNA Corporate Commercial is committed to maintaining a hygienic working environment on every orchard to protect both staff and product. DNA Corporate Commercial and its employees have a responsibility to ensure the hygiene of the product is maintained and good hygiene practices                         are used while on the orchard. The manager or supervisor will ensure that hygiene procedures are followed and training is completed.
                       DNA Corporate Commercial will ensure that all the employees receive hygiene training and a record of the training will be kept including the trainer, trainee name and signature,  content and date. Hygiene training can be based around the following instructions.
Hands must be washed with soap and water before and after eating, smoking and toilet breaks.
Cuts and grazes must be covered at all times by waterproof dressings.  Gloves should be worn where necessary.
Hair should be tied back and fingernails must be kept short and clean.
No rubbish is to be left on the orchard or placed in harvest bins/bags.
Toileting in the orchard and/or under the canopy is strictly prohibited.
Smoking and eating must take place away from produce or produce handling equipment.
People shall wear appropriate clean clothing and appropriate footwear.
Picking bags and gloves used for organic or conventional methods must be stored separately.
Picking bins/bags shall not be used for anything other than harvesting product.
Grazing of live stock under the canopy is prohibited during harvest or at spraying times.
Animals must be kept away from bins.
Produce suspected of being contaminated (e.g. with blood) must be separated and discarded.
Produce must be stored appropriately.
Any risk of contamination to product must be reported immediately.
Anybody suffering from symptoms of infectious disease (e.g. nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting) must report to their supervisor and be exclude from work.
Staffs that have had a  confirmed infectious disease must have a medical clearance before returning to work.
Bins must be inspected prior to use and cleaned if necessary.
Truck decks are to be cleaned at the start and finish of the season and as necessary.
Harvesting equipment must be cleaned and maintained –bags washed, dried, aired and stored in a clean pest free environment.
Tractors are to be maintained to reduce the possibility of contamination of fruit.
Regular equipment inspection must take place.
Where cleaning materials are used instructions on strength etc will be followed.
Chemicals are to be stored in the appropriate place, not near containers that will hold produce.

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